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Natural swimming pools


Natural swimming pools are filtered organically rather than with chemicals. They are designed with a regeneration zone where the water enters either a gravel filter or a constructed wetlands made of plants that clean the water. The regeneration zone oxygenates the water and, along with microorganisms, act as a living filter and organic cleanser, naturally filtering the water through their root system and taking nutrients out of the water. This resembles the process by which aquatic plants clean ponds in nature since the natural pool builds a small ecosystem that changes over time. 

These pools have a lower maintenance cost since there is no need to purchase chlorine, chemical filtration or pH balancing. It still requires regular maintenance, as it is recommended to brush and skim about once a week. The plans in the regeneration zone must be trimmed and the water clear of dead leaves, sticks or other debris, monthly or bimonthly.


The initial cost of building a natural pool is usually higher than a traditional pool mainly because the regeneration  zone takes up more ground area, being almost the same size as the swimming area itself. 

Natural swimming pools

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