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Sustainable Architecture

Meta.atelier's mission is to help reduce the negative impacts of the built environment through efficient and smart design projects.

Four main benefits of sustainable architecture:


Reduce utility costs

A sustainable house consumes up to 90% less eletricity and water compared to a standard one


Increase thermal, visual and acoustic comfort

An healthy interior space increases comfort and productivity levels and reduces stress and anxiety


Minimize environmental impact

The construction field is one of the main causes for global warming and lack of natural resources 


Make buildings as self-sufficient as possible

Produce electricity through solar energy and reuse grey and rain waters to be more independent from the public sources.



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Architecture projects in all phases:

concept design, license submission, detailed project and construction management.

To ensure the quality of the project, timeline and cost control, all process is coordinated in a close relation between the client, engineering team and contractor.

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Based on the needs of your project scope, meta.atelier can create a custom design proposal to transform your space with furniture, lighting and decoration. For an even more personalized approach, meta.atelier can also design custom furniture (tables, sideboards, beds, etc.) according to your needs. 

To save you time and stress, meta.atelier also can coordinate and manage the purchase, delivery and installation.

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The Bioclimatic design approach looks at natural elements such as sun, rain, wind and vegetation to improve comfort and efficiency while reducing the building’s environmental impact. 


Meta.atelier studies factors such as urban setup, solar incidence, dominant winds and material features to find the best strategies to improve your project.

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viability study


A feasibility study assesses the site's potential to achieve your objectives. The study includes the following: 

- Market trends

- Average prices;

- Pros and cons of the building or plot;

- Competition analysis;

- Cost estimation of the project, construction and maintenance.

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Construction cost calculator

Get an estimation of the construction cost with our calculators.



meta [ˈmɛta] translation from Portuguese: feminine noun - finishing line; goal; aim

prefix - situated behind; indication of change

atelier [at-l-yey]: noun - studio or workshop, esp. for an artist, artisan or designer;

from old French: astelier, carpenter's shop

Meta.atelier is a Lisbon based studio focused on bioclimatic and sustainable architecture. Featuring international collaborators from across the globe, it was established to meet the growing demands of a changing market in which geographic boundaries are diluted for new uses of space and emerging technologies to be pursued. 


Our design is dependent on the specific objectives of each project while respecting the constraints of place and the environment. We always strive to optimize a building's performance and minimize its environmental impact. 


Projects are coordinated in close partnership with the engineering team, builders and of course you, our clients. This ensures that project quality, budget control, transparency and on-time delivery are optimized. Our studio supports innovative technologies and tools, with payment in Bitcoin also accepted

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The founder Inês Marques graduated in Architecture in the University of Porto, with one year of the master carried out in Politecnico di Milano. After graduating she carried the internship for admission to the Portuguese Architects Association in Saraiva+Associados where she kept working for three more years. In 2016, Inês joined S+A Green Lab as a consultant in bioclimatic design and environmental certification systems. Thereunder, she completed at Bre Academy in Watford the course and exam to qualify for BREEAM AP, and other training such as Passive Design Project. In 2018, she created meta.atelier based on the ideals of a more sustainable, social aware and boundless architecture designed for tomorrow.




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